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The following features make our PMP Exam Simulator the preferred choice for PMP exam preparation: Our PMP Exam Simulator includes over 1100 high-quality PMP questions that are written to emulate the actual exam.The comprehensive explanations of the answers in our Exam Simulator are not available elsewhere.It is the most cost-effective Exam Simulator available - 90-Day Free Updates"Gain unlimited access for 90 days to 1,100+ real PMP exam questions, fully updated for 2023."Detailed explanations are provided for each answer, explaining why the correct answer is correct and why the wrong choices are incorrect.The PMP Exam Simulator is regularly updated to align with the current PMI Examination content outline (ECO).Are these tests enough to help you pass the PMP® exam on your first attempt?

Yes, if you solve all the questions in this Exam Simulator, read the explanations for the correct and incorrect answers, and retake the tests until you score 90% or more, you will be well-prepared for the actual PMP® exam. However, we don't recommend memorizing; just understand the concept behind each question.
The PMP Exam Simulator is based on the PMBOK Guide Seventh Edition and the PMI Agile Practice Guide.Our Exam Simulator contains all question types you can expect on the actual test, including multiple-choice, multiple-answer, hot-spot questions, and drag-and-drop questions.You can effectively manage your time during the simulated exam and more.Note: Please be aware that if you have subscribed to the PMP Exam Simulator on our website, your subscription will not be subject to automatic renewal. This ensures that you have full control over your subscription and any associated charges.Please note that the website subscription is separate from our app subscription(s).


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