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Acquire all the essential knowledge required to effortlessly succeed in your PMP exam on the first attempt!Experience comprehensive coverage of all PMP exam objectives outlined by PMI, featuring high-quality questions designed to enhance your understanding and proficiency.Gain access to over 1,100 highly realistic practice exam questions, expertly designed to simulate the actual PMP exam experience. Enjoy 6 months of unlimited access, allowing for ample preparation and mastery of the material.The simulator encompasses the entirety of the PMBOK® Guide and the PMI Agile Practice Guide, surpassing expectations by offering advanced insights and techniques to further enhance your comprehension of the concepts. This comprehensive approach ensures thorough preparation and a solid understanding of the material.Access 4 full-length, high-quality PMP practice exams, along with 10 targeted knowledge area practice exams covering areas such as Scope Management and Schedule Management. Our comprehensive materials also address the performance domains of the PMBOK Guide Seventh Edition, Agile Practice Guide and beyond, ensuring a well-rounded preparation experience.The questions included in our materials have been meticulously crafted to replicate the genuine PMP exam experience. Drawing from the PMBOK Guide 6th & 7th editions, the PMI Agile Practice Guide, and the PMI-ECO, these questions are designed to provide an accurate representation of the 2023 PMP Exam content and expectations.Upon completion of each practice exam, you will receive a detailed explanation for each question, designed to enhance your understanding and ensure a comprehensive learning experience.The designated passing score for the PMP Exam Simulator is set at 75%. However, to ensure optimal preparedness and a higher likelihood of success, we strongly encourage you to repeatedly attempt these exams until you consistently achieve a score of 90% or higher.Introducing the PMP Exam Simulator Bundle, featuring a comprehensive collection of 1,100 all-new, scenario-based PMP® practice test questions designed to thoroughly prepare you for success on the exam.Note: Please be aware that if you have subscribed to the PMP Exam Simulator on our website, your subscription will not be subject to automatic renewal. This ensures that you have full control over your subscription and any associated charges.


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