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340 high-quality PMI CAPM practice Exam questions.Everything you must know in order to pass the CAPM exam Easily On Your 1st. Try !

High Quality Questions coverage of all CAPM exam objectives provided by PMI.
We have utilized the following resources to develop our PMI-CAPM Practice exams:

1. The PMBOK Guide Seventh Edition.
2. The PMI Agile Practice Guide.
3. The PMI Business Analysis Practice Guide for Practitioners.
4. Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Hybrid by Robert K. Wysocki.
5. Project Management Answer Book, 2nd Edition by Jeff Furman.
6. The PMI Guide to Business Analysis (December 2017).
7. The PMI-CAPM Exam content outline (ECO-2023).

Do I need to study all the content of the above-mentioned resources?
No, you only need to focus on the parts (sections) mentioned in the New PMI CAPM Exam reference list. (You will find a link at the bottom of this page for the PMI-CAPM Exam reference list)
These questions have been written to emulate the actual CAPM exam and are based on the New PMI-CAPM Exam Content outline -for the 2023 CAPM Exam!Detailed explanation for each question at the end of each practice exam.The passing score for the CAPM Exam Simulator is 70% - I strongly recommend you take these exams over and over until you can score 90% or better.Note: Please be aware that if you have subscribed to the CAPM Exam Simulator on our website, your subscription will not be subject to automatic renewal. This ensures that you have full control over your subscription and any associated charges.Please note that the website subscription is separate from our app subscription(s).The Simulator covers 100% of the PMI-CAPM® Exam objectives provided by PMI and goes above and beyond by offering advanced tips and tricks that will enhance your understanding of the concepts even further.


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The New PMI CAPM Exam reference list.

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